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Newsflash: Tea May Fight Disease and Help Women Conceive

What sort of tea should you drink at CarringtonTea.com? Well, that depends on your tastes. But you should also know that each year new scientific research finds increasingly positive effects on the health of regular tea consumption.

What's news in the tea world? It's no secret: tea contains chemicals that may fight cancer, heart disease, colds. And there is even new evidence that regular consumption can help women conceive.

Yes, it's true. Northern California researchers found in a late-'90s study that women who drink caffeinated tea to the tune of a half-cup or more may enhance their chances of conceiving. The findings of the medical scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program of Northern California were published in the American Journal of Public Health in 1998.

But the biggest news of the last few years has focused on the anti-oxidants - cancer-fighting organic compounds - that appear mostly in green tea, the unfermented cousin of black tea - all of which comes from the camellia sinensis plant. This plant, really a bush, grows in many areas of the world but especially in the cool wet climates of upland India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, parts of Argentina and in some areas of Africa.

Many research studies have found green tea high in the most effective anti-oxidant, called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. The chemical works to prevent cell-damage caused by cancer, heart disease and other ailments.

The good news for tea-drinkers doesn't stop there. Chinese scientists found evidence, also in the late '90s, that black or green tea was effective in fighting oral cancers. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine in Beijing studied 59 patients with precancerous lesions in the mouth and found tea drinking reduced those lesions.

Drinking at least one cup of tea a day could cut the risk of heart attack because tea contains flavonoids - organic compounds that can neutralize harmful chemicals that damage.

So when you're looking for a hot or cold drink with potential benefits, think tea...and drink tea. Delicious, healthy teas at BengalBay.com: we carry a wide assortment of healthful tea, from green to herbals to black to flavored tea that will warm you inside and out - or prove refreshing over ice on a hot day.

Try our tea - and stay well.

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Carrington continues its Pennies Per Cup campaign to benefit food banks of the national organization, Feeding America by donating 100 cups of tea for every 100 boxes purchased in participating areas. Retailing at only pennies per cup, Carrington Tea is an affordable way to warm up this cold winter season.

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